Read this before applying!

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Read this before applying!

Post  knölen on Tue Jan 08, 2008 7:31 pm

We are a progressing guild in need of active members.
What do we expect from you then?
- We need people that know how to play their classes, are dedicated and motivated. We expect
you to be holding enough potions and elixirs for the encounter we need you, we will not
under any circumstances tolerate people being pvp-speced at raid times. That's not going to happen.

We are building the groups for the good of the encounter and progress. We do not want to hear
any kind of moaning when you were not chosen to join the group. You were simply not the person
we needed for whatever we were doing at that time. If we take all the undergeared people and
throw together a raid it's not going to end that well, that's a point we all can agree on.
Before becoming a true member of the guild you will be on trial until we feel that you truly
are the person we want to spend hours and hours with in a dungeon. That means you will not
have any rights looting items before members during that time, so "NEEED!!1!, i want!! plzz!"
will most likley result in a friendly good bye.

By accepting your application and inviting you the guild we do not see ourselves doing yourself
a favor, nor are you doing us one. We simply see it as a give-take relationship. You are the
person we need for doing the raids, and we provide you with the raid group that will take us
all to the next level.

If you feel like joining us, check the recruitment status and then copy the recruitment form and
throw up an application!

Good luck!


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