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Post  Lightlin on Fri Feb 22, 2008 2:13 pm

Name: Leo
Age: 18
Location: UK

Character name: Lightling
Class: Rogue
Current Spec: Subtlety(im very happy to respec to combat if i can join :p)
Willing to respec?: sure
Current Gear? (include armory link): i really suggest u see my gear in game, because sometimes armory shows my pvp gear which make u very unhappy, i have 2/5 T4, badge gear and other epic pve gear.
What 3 stat points do you prioritize above all, and in what order, for your current spec and class?: hit rating, AP, agility(mp5/+heal/spirit/hitraiting/crit/agility/strength etc)
(Warrior's both dps ,tanking and ressistance gear (if u got any))

Do you have a working microphone?: (This is not required, as long as you can listen) yep
Previous guilds and reason you're not in them anymore: all pve guild i stay in before r disband, im in a pvp guild now but i really want to play pve
Raiding experience, both in and before TBC: All down(MC,BWL,ZUG,AQ20/40,NAXX,ONYXIA), TBC: kara(all down),gruul(all down) ZA(3/6)
What's your goal with raiding?
because im a good old school player, so i enjoy raiding very much, because some private reason i afk for long time so i dont have much exp in TBC high level instance, but i really want to join a good raiding guild and enjoy my TBC life :p.
Extra info: Alch/herb 375, im very happy to help guild at these aspect

We raid 4 nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 18/19-23 and on Sundays from 16-ish until 23.
Will you be able to attend to at least 75% of our raids?: Sure,very active player


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