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mage apply

Post  Shinigam on Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:30 am

Name: Niklas
Age: 19
Location: Sweden

Character name: Shinigamí
Class: Mage
Current Spec: 10/48/3
Willing to respec?: ofc
Current Gear? (include armorylink)

What 3 stat points do you prioritize above all, and in what order, for your current spec and class?: (mp5/+heal/spirit/hitraiting/crit/agility/strength etc)
(Warrior's both dps ,tanking and ressistance gear (if u got any)) :

well first of all i gor for crit, after that hit, after that spell dmg tho i have been saving some haste gear as well, but i like crit more Wink i have boots, belt, neck and back as shadow ress gear.

Do you have a working microphone?: (This is not required, as long as you can listen)
dont got a mic, but i can listen Smile

Previous guilds and reason you're not in them anymore:
well i was in Bloodpack on anachronos but i went for Dragonblight because i wanted to play with my irl friends but, was a bit boring so i stopt playing. well i havn't logged in for a few days now but going to play again Wink if i get in to a raiding guild ^^

Raiding experience, both in and before TBC: nothing before tbc, but in tbh got cleared up to mh 4/5 ( almost had archi) and bt for 4/9
What's your goal with raiding?

have fun, explore new places and ofc improve my gear and be a benefit for the raid/guild
Extra info:
umh well Hi im Niklas and i've been playing my poor mage for almost 2 years now annd im not even bored on the mage ^^
well i know Tumbi Wink tho im sure he dont remember me :p anyway ( yo tumbi ^^ Beatyou from anachronos here ;D )

We raid 4 nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 18/19-23 and on Sundays from 16-ish until 23.
Will you be able to attend to at least 75% of our raids?: yeap. suits me perfect tho Thursdays may be a problem.

anyway Thanks for the time reading this and well See yah ;D


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mage apply

Post  shinigam on Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:31 am

umh for some reason the armory dident want to be posted Sad well the name is Shinigamí


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