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Name Kristijan
Age: 20
Location: Slovenia

Character name: Uruksa (read: Uruk-Sa)
Class: Hunter
Current Spec: 41/20/0 BM
Willing to respec?: If needed
Current Gear? (include armory link): Will provide as soon as armory will work
What 3 stat points do you prioritize above all, and in what order, for your current spec and class?: I try to find balance betwen AP & Crit, got my hit rating almost capped.

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes I do.
Previous guilds and reason you're not in them anymore: Metanoia disbanded, Trial for Elusive but had car accident so coudlnt play for 2 weeks and eventually failed trial. Now trialing for SoS but as it seems they dont have much motivation to progress.
Raiding experience, both in and before TBC: pre TBC none, in TBC Karazhan, Gruul`s Lair, SSC (lurker and leotheras), TK (void reaver)
What's your goal with raiding? To help guild to get as far as possible because I simply enjoy to raid and on sideway love it when you get a piece of gear you know you worked your ass off for. So basicly want to get as far as I can with guild Smile


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