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resto shaman

Post  handtral on Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:51 pm

Name christer
Character name: oneal

Class: shaman

Current Spec: resto

Willing to respec?:ofc i will respec if needed so it fits with others / the raid

Current Gear? (include armory link)

What 3 stat points do you prioritize above all, and in what order, for your current spec and class?: (mp5/+heal/spirit/hitraiting/crit/agility/strength etc)
(Warrior's both dps and tanking gear)

Do you have a working microphone?: yes i have mic and im not afraid to use it (This is not required, as long as you can listen)

Previous guilds and reason you're not in them anymore: i jsut rerolled play ally before (warlock) .

Raiding experience, both in and before TBC:
pre bc:from hogger to clearing naxx
karazhan Cleared
zul Cleared (server first ) Smile
gruul Cleared
maghteridon Cleared
tempest keep Cleared
serpentshrine cavern Cleared
mount hyjal Cleared
black temple 8/9

What's your goal with raiding? haveing fun wile playing and ofc make som progress

Extra info: i started to play this game from the start of it . played warlock all this years , got tired of it and decided to reroll hordes with some irl friends. now i hope to make this as my main and start some hc raiding asap. i know i got crap for gear but imo experiance before gear . + wont take long to get the gear i need for ssc / tk. like it says on your website ur doing karazhan still to gear ppl up. Well thats all from me , hope to cya all soon. // oneal

We raid 4 nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 18/19-23 and on Sundays from 16-ish until 23.
Will you be able to attend to at least 75% of our raids?: i work from 7:00-16:00 mon-fre. im to tired to do anything else then sit infront of the computer and on sun im pritty mutch to hangover to do anything else then sit infront of the computer Smile so yea i will be there hehe.

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RE: resto shaman

Post  Atraz on Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:50 pm

Well looks good and you seem like a nice guy. Smile
Ill talk to tha others in charge.

You got my vote atleast.

we will contact you ingame.

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Re: resto shaman

Post  Dåligt on Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:00 am


We will see how things works out. But for now.. Welcome aboard the loveboat! Smile

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Re: resto shaman

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