Rogue apply.

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Rogue apply.

Post  Xzeit on Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:26 am

Name:Rasmus isaksson

Character name:xzeit
Current Spec:15/22/24.
Willing to respec?:ofc
Current Gear? (include armory link) not wearing my t4 shoulders or my other pve chest.
What 3 stat points do you prioritize above all, and in what order, for your current spec and class?: 1677 ap,221 hit rating,23,63 crit,

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes i do
Previous guilds and reason you're not in them anymore:just moved here cause got some irl friends here.
Raiding experience, both in and before TBC:Before tbc:zg,ony,bwl, TBC:kara,gruul,magth,in ssc hydross and lady vashj,
What's your goal with raiding?:progress and fun.

Extra info:

We raid 4 nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 18/19-23 and on Sundays from 16-ish until 23.
Will you be able to attend to at least 75% of our raids?:Yes i think so.


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Re: Rogue apply.

Post  Lunchtanten on Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:43 pm

Your stats is ok, but dont like your build at all(u can respecc, we know) doesnt matter atm.

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